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I'm a college grad and I officially have no idea what to do with my life. Maybe some hot cougar who's daughter I'm into will try to seduce me and all my troubles will be at an end.

If I stay at home working I will have wasted another year of my life and if I move in with Sam and work for a year I will have wasted a year of my life. One leads to monetary gain, the other to experience, but I believe I can look forward to being lonely, bored and unfulfilled either way. I don't feel like I really have any options anymore. Maybe I should secretly move to vancouver and become a junkie. Or hope my unpredictable sometimes-smarts will enable me to build a passage into alternate timelines and get to one where I can be a unicorn tamer or something.

Because fuck being an adult.

I just feel so screwed over right now. Advertising can eat a dick, this house can eat a dick, my family can eat a dick, my friends can eat a dick, everything can go eat a dick.

I'm going to buy a scooter, go to an undisclosed location, develop an eating disorder and dye my hair blond. Then comes a sex change. I will work myself to the bone, developing muscles and growing out my long mane of blond hairs. Then I will learn German. So well, in fact, that I will develop a German accent when speaking regular English. Then I just need a time machine and a tan, and I will be Fabio.

What do you do when you don't know what to do anymore?

Sep. 30th, 2010


Mel: The one who started it all, opinionated, but fun. illustration student

Jackie: Tall skinny and big boobed, nice and laid back. Musical theatre major.

Kevin: The boy! Nice guy, doesn't put up with the girly bullshit much (haha you to twilight lovers! -_o). Also musical theatre major.

Jackie and kevin put on shows for us. Well, they aren't aware of it, but their practicing ends up being quite amusing.

I don't much care for Mel's taste in music, so I keep my headphones on when it's up. >.> She's a sweetie though, she drew us all on this blank cabinet in the living room. She also likes to bake sweet things which we are free to ravage.:9

New classmates: Only really met this one romanian goth boy named Tattz. He's pretty awesome. Very talkative, so my meekness has yet to be an issue. Plus i discovered that I can be downright social if i just over do the coffee a liiiittle bit. Though it reeks hell on my skiiiin. He wears make up and cross dresses form time to time. :3 I approve.

School is going well, I'm drifting off a but mentally but somehow I'm keeping. Guess because we're still partially in review mode, and everything is fresh from the delicious summer school. (My face is delicious and tastes of strawberries.)

So far i like sleeping in the same room as two other people. Night sounds don't freak me out since whatever's making them will probably get them first. They're closer to the dooor. And there's a lot of interesting, deep talk at night.

Let's see...

Lombardo asked me out on an official date (Well, he said "this is the first time I've ever asked a girl on a date" so I guess all those good times at he movies and making out didn't count?) And he'll be here at like 6 or some shit. I should probably wash the crap out of my hair now or something. >.> *siiigh* doing the laundries instead.

UHMN. >:l mom's in greece again, comming back saturday. susi on friday nuit blanche on saturday too annnd this here date dealy-yo. The window died and i can't remember if I had any more typed in, fuckt.

Aug. 5th, 2010

 A note on my last post, I guess i never mentioned it before, thought I did. Living on my own out in oakville now. Yay responsibility! Book kitchen spiders. D:

Just like heaven

 Can't for the life of me remember what my last post was about. Maybe drinking.

I'm in the apartment now. The others moved out and they won't be back until next month or possibly september. So I've had the place to myself for the last month or so, for $310.

Fucking sweet.

I got a laptop, I had saved up $500 for a dinky acer, but my dad cut me a deal, in the future he and my mom wanna do travelling and they'll need a laptop. so he got one for himself basically, and i get to hold onto it.

It's a macbook pro. I'me treating this shit like diamonds. diamonds coating a baby.

Hmmm... The job is going more or less okay. have 5 months rent saved up for all the shit I take, so that's great. a lot of the spiffy people quit, which makes me a sad panda. Buuut, I'll deal with it. >.>

Managed to keep my grades up this year, god help me, next year...

BUM BUM BUUMMM...my various sources tell me the shitbag is coming back. to stay. kill me. Hopefully i'm a stronger person for it. Or I get toned as fuck out of it.

i just found out a few hour ago. Normally when i'm stressed I pace, but that's not very courteous to folks in apartment land, so I marched down to the gym and made a spectacle of myself, starting out enthusiastic and impressive looking, but quitting after a few bitch moves.

Haha, I'm in the 120's again, finally, but i haven't had a proper work out in a while so...yeah. >.> Fit i am not. *kaff*Got in like 40 minutes of mostly intense walking before the place closed. and sweated like all hell. :S

Boys? HA. No.

Sexiness? HAHA. No.

Drugs? PFFT, those are for the social.

I got a credit card though. been good about not spending over my limits. Except this week. This...was a bad week for spending. >.> I now have 12$ in the bank and 20$ on my visa. I know it's not a lot, but I hate the idea of being in debt. :/

Well, putting off one assignment, but i just aced the first test in the class so I'm...strategically slacking?

May. 16th, 2010

work work workwrok school school school work.. DRUUUUUUNK. 2 tequila, 3 soho, 1 jagger, 2 beer., DRUUUNK

Good night my lovely loves i LOVE YOU ALL. 

Full of fried eggs :9

Been a while. :ll

I don't totally remember where I left off.

I got brief holiday employment at mark's wearhouse: clothes that work. :P It was all right, I fell in love with their socks. SUCH fucking spiffy socks. Like some technologically advanced socks.

One of the guys there. Ben, was a huge flirt, and I started catching feelings, but bitch had a girlfriend he wasn't mentioning. Familiar. >.>

Whatever, we're still friends, but he's not getting any.

On the side of working with customers, some super old lady slapped my ass, and I got hit on by old men a lot. :D One of them said I should be a supermodel, he kept raving to everyone about how "unique" my look was and how pretty my smile is.

....8DD Heeee.

Made about 1200$, but cutting out my school books, and desperately needed clothing (the weight loss-nothing fits. >.>), bus passes, proper soap and what not, I only have about 400$ on my debit and 60$ in cash.

That money shouldn't go anywhere. :ll

As to the weight loss, My jean size is now way down in the 20's. I had about one pair of jeans Naty gave me, and three shirts that fit. Went clothes shopping, but I shrunk out of those clothes too. ._. Lots of tops from Dynamite, so whatever, the jeans can be baggy, the little bitches.

I got weights the other day, gonna do some strength training. I need to know proper movements though. I only have a chart from the heart and health association, and some extreme squats I learned from Sammy's momma.

And now I'm in advertising, no where near as goofy and fun loving as the art classes. I'm starting to dress more proper. Hence the Dynamite shirts. :ll And American Eagle jeans. I think I'm starting to look somewhat normal.

Got a ton of make up for Christmas, and a card from the lovely Becky (THANKS! 8'D) and the monies. For buying bus passes. x) Best haul for the past few years. The make up is mostly MAC and some urban decay. I'm becoming a MAC girl. 8D loves it.

So, yeah. My class today got cancelled, so I have time to update. Have some more to talk about, but that's for later. =_=

Class doodles:

Mofo'ing DRAGON
by ~Maritza-Manga on deviantART

Zombie not impressed by panty
by ~Maritza-Manga on deviantART

Dedicated to the sleepy girl
by ~Maritza-Manga on deviantART

Skullerfly baby
by ~Maritza-Manga on deviantART

by ~Maritza-Manga on deviantART

RIGHT! P.S. Sonya's into all sorts of online dating. Or like, at least two sites. x) I signed onto one she recommended, and met this guy Dennis. We're meeting up on saturday. I have his facebook and everything, please baby jesus, don't let him be a creeper. -_-

Christmas list update:

- Bedside lamp for Maira. (Possible already done, if she doesn't mind my old yellow lamp. Must ask her how she feels about yellow. >:l) Just looked over that lamp, no good. It's on worse condition then I thought. ://

- Mustache thing for Tippy. Might have to go to Urban Outfitters. :l

- Sammy's necklace. Thank you winners. : D It matches a pair of her favorite earrings.

- Soak! for Danielle? Or some other underwear related thing, she loves underwear. :/

- Rainbow cake for Sonyer? :3 I'd like to make her one but I unno if her stomach can handle it. Maybe just a jar of Manic Panic. :/ AND RAINBOW >:D ... loves me some rainbow sharing. :l
Update: We gon' plan a baking day.

- Buffy for Naty (she asked). Include gift receipt incase someone else got her that season. Consult with Lotto.

- Camera Obscura CD for Lotto. I unno if she's ever heard of them, but they seem up her ally. Include gift receipt in case.
Update: Got her Tales of Beedle the Bard instead. 8D yay, Harry Potter nerds.

- Foncy :{ chocolate for Mami (the amazing Lindt ones.)

- Foncy :{ coffee for Papi (what is fancy coffee? He likes Tim's, mebbe a bag for home times? >.> I think they have those deals where he gets a coffee mug to go with it. maybe a thermos for work. :ll)

- Sebastian? ...no idea...ask Abe.
Update:IT'S GOING TO BE HIS BIRTHDAY ON SATURDAY! D: Note to self: Need more rainbow.

- Francy? no...idea... ask Papi.

- Paty? She wants me to do a painting. >.<

- Gerardo? Maybe something funny from Spencer's? Ask Papi.

- Yaya? Roses? Pearls? Something seafoam green?

- Norman? ARGH. Difficult. :l Tie. And I'll ask my mom if he likes any kind of candy. >:l

- Marc? The easiest thing would be manga, but I shouldn't encourage that Japanese shit. I'll find him a good graphic novel at chapters. I should get a chapters card.

- Nastasia? Maybe hair product. >.> She likes her hurr. I'll find something foncy for it. :ll

- Savana? ... >.> Sims shit? One of those money cards from Bestbuy so she can use the online store. :l
Update: She likes neopets, got her NeoCash cards.

- Mateas? 9_9 .... clean and clear would be too mean. >.> Bitching shirts from West49? :l What do 14 year old boys like? >:l Ask marc. :l

- Latoya? ...ask mom.

- Abe? ...ask Sebastia? Naw. I'll get him beer or something.

I want to send Magalie those clogs she likes. I unno how much that would cost. I should also throw in like a scarf or something for Vicky. Or H&M jewelry! And a graphic novel for Julio.

Update: I think as a treat to the whole family, I should finally get my G1. The bitches are on strike, but there's like one place open in Mississauga that's still doing testing.

Nov. 25th, 2009

Today, my friend dragged me to see New Moon. There were tons of 'Team Edward' and 'Team Jacob' supporters, which has to be the most pointless debate of all time. Out of nowhere, a guy dressed like the Phantom of the Opera ran through the crowds yelling "TEAM PHANTOM!" at the top of his lungs. I think he wins. MLIA

Oct. 19th, 2009

"I grew up in a college town, and one Halloween our doorbell rang and we opened the door expecting to see trickortreater—but what was in front of our open door—was another door! Like, a full-on wooden door, that had a sign that said “Please knock.” So we did, and the door swung open to reveal a bunch of college dudes dressed as really old grandmothers, curlers in their hair, etc, who proceeded to coo over our “costumes” and tell us we were “such cute trick or treaters!” One even pinched my cheek. Then THEY gave US candy, closed their door, picked it up and walked to the next house."

"Today, in church, I was sitting next to a little boy who is 4 years old. Hi family speaks spanish, so he never talks to people at church. During the service, he tapped my knee, rolled up his pant leg, and pointed to his spiderman suit under his clothes. After rolling his pant leg back down, he put his finger to his lips and continued watching the service. New favorite kid? I think so."